After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1988, Bohner took a position as a junior associate in the mergers and acquisitions department of Lazard Frères in New York, also working in the London office. In 1991, intent on combining her experience in finance with her passion for writing, she enrolled at Columbia¹s Graduate School of Journalism, where she won a Reader¹s Digest Literary Foundation Award, and upon graduation joined Forbes magazine. In four years at Forbes, Bohner rose to associate editor and reinvented the then-flagging column "The Informer."  She left the magazine to co-author with Donald Trump the best-selling Trump: The Art of the Comeback and then became an on-air correspondent with CNBC, participating in the launch of Business Center, writing her own material and broadcasting Kate Bohner¹s Power File on Power Lunch. Later recruited by E*Trade to be managing editor of digital financial media, she hosted and co-wrote E*TRADE on AIR, a five-times daily web cast that also aired weekly on WNEW-FM. Offered an opportunity to return to the financial sector, Kate took a position as managing director and chief operating officer at the Manhattan-based venture capital and advisory firm the Fort Hill Group.  In 2001, Bohner joined two partners to raise the seed capital ($7.4 million solo) to co-found a medical technology start-up, Living Independently, Inc./QuietCare Systems (now Care Innovations,) where she successively served as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer.  Eight years later, the company was successfully sold to GE Healthcare/Intel. In 2006, Bohner returned to her roots in media and developed a web-based show, Kate's Take, airing on www.KBTVonline.com <http://www.KBTVonline.com> . The following year on Christmas Day ­ on YouTube ­ the show hit #1 in 19 countries.  Bohner moved the show to Los Angeles in 2008 and ­ while she was there ­ was honored for her work in raising awareness about Vesicovaginal Fistual (VVF) in Nigeria while following Physicians for Peace through video and internet content, receiving the 2008 PFP President¹s Award for Special Achievement. In 2010, she co-created, launched and served as national director of a flourishing fitness program, FlyBarre (a combination of Pilates, circuit training, and yoga) with Flywheel Sports, where she remains co-Creator. Bohner served as the World Trade Financial Group of Company¹s Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Global Communications, Bohner was responsible for all of the firm¹s marketing efforts managing events, public relations, and corporate social responsibility. Today she is the Chief Marketing Communications and Research Officer of DMS Offshore Investment Services: the largest fund governance firm in the world.